10 CSS Animation Designs

Iron Man CSS

A few months ago I wrote a post showcasing 12 Awesome Pure CSS Designs and I had such a positive response, I decided to do another post. In fact, I even received messages, comments and emails from some of the designers who were featured.  Other designers shared their work with me as well.  After being introduced to even more amazing work after that post, the follow-up was easy. This time around, I’m focusing on the animation aspects of css. Some of these designs are also illustrated with Pure CSS.  All showcase a myriad of things you can do with css. Read more ›

5 Free Online Cloud-Based Photoshop Alternatives

free online editing tools

Are you one of those people who don’t need the full-blown power (and cost) of an application like Photoshop, but would still like to have access to photo and image editing tools without all of the fuss?  Well, you’ve come to the right blog post.  Here are five editors that will help you make enhancements to existing photos, allow you to create unique images, and let you have fun all in an online environment without the need to download anything.  All of the tools listed below are free as of this writing.  Some offer premium editions to enable enhanced features, but general access and the basic features are free!

I’ve also rated the following online programs on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best.  The ratings are based on overall impression, ease of use, and available features. Read more ›

5 CSS3 Tools to Make Your Site Look Fabulous


Are you still using actual images for gradients, shading, buttons, and text embellishments?  Have you been wanting to switch over to clean, beautiful CSS3, but didn’t think you had the skills to make the leap?  Have no fear, some great CSS3 tools are here.  In this post, I’ll highlight five of my favorite CSS3 generators allowing you to do everything from color gradients, to button makers, to text shadows.  Just use these tools to generate the code for the looks you want without all of the headache or bandwidth overhead.  Easy peasy! Read more ›

Backing up Your WordPress Site

Wordpress Backup

As I helped my son put the final touches on his school book report last week, something scary happened.  I sent the document to print and for whatever reason the application crashed and the book report disappeared.  Behind me came a wail.  My son was devastated as he had put so much time and energy into that report and with one click it was gone, or was it?  Word does have an automatic backup feature, but the hardest part had been reworking the last couple of sentences of the report which weren’t saved in the auto-backup.  The great thing that happened that day was that I clicked SAVE right before I hit the print button.  Nothing was lost, the report was printed, and everything was fine.

Almost losing this report, made me think of the devastation that would come if you lost your WordPress site and its contents.  Backing up your WordPress site is something that should be done – period.  Read this article to find out how easy backing up your site can be.

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11 Stunning Cinemagraphs – Beautiful Photos with a Touch of GIF Animation

Waiting at the Window

A Cinemagraph is an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly. -Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

To me, cinemagraphs are a wonderful art form.  They start with a stunning photograph and are enhanced with a small amount of animation in .gif form.  That animation can truly bring the photo to life.  I personally find that subtle animation gives the piece so much charm and character.  I have gathered together 11 of my favorites from around the web.  Some of these you may recognize, and hopefully, some will be new to you.
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2014 Web Trends – What’s Hot and What’s Not


As we close out 2013, I thought this would be a good opportunity to reflect on what’s taking center stage for the new year and what’s taking a final curtain call.  Let’s take a look at all of the exciting things that will make 2014 a great year! Read more ›

Chatwing’s Advanced Customization Setup

Chatwing Logo

Aaron from Chatwing offers a detailed walk-through tutorial for setting up the advanced features of the Chatwing chat app. 

As mentioned in Chatwing Chat App – Chatting Your Way to Better Customer Service, an embedded chat app in your site can offer some amazing benefits.  You can provide instant customer service, promote your services, or simply interact live with your viewers.

Chatwing is a chatting tool that anyone can get for free. As a chatroom, it offers excellent chatting capabilities complimented by efficient features. Setting up a chatroom for any site is a breeze. Read more ›

Why Google Plus Reminds Me of Vegas (That’s a Good Thing)

Las Vegas Welcome Sign

As I sit and daydream about my upcoming trip to fabulous Las Vegas, I think about why I love it so much…there’s always something happening. No matter what time of day — early morning, afternoon, late night, dusk, dawn, and in between — there is always activity. Whether there’s a show going on in the theater, a band playing on stage, performers roaming around outside, someone winning a jackpot, a concert rocking out, a volcano erupting, tigers sleeping, fountains dancing, famous people hanging out…there’s always something to see or do…ALWAYS.

And thinking about that, made me realize why I love Google Plus (aka G+) so much…because it reminds me of Vegas. There’s always something going on! Read more ›

12 Awesome Pure CSS Designs

Pure CSS3 Bender Futurama

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and the styles are used to display how HTML elements will appear in a browser. CSS has come a long way since it was first recommended for use by the W3C back in 1996.  Today, there are some brilliant designers and developers capitalizing on the amazing things that can be done with it. Designs that could once only be done in a program such as Photoshop and uploaded as a jpg, gif or png file can now be created sans images – that is with pure CSS. Using a combination of linear-gradients, radius borders, box shadows, transformations and the like, designers have created some stunning pieces of art and below are twelve of my favorites.  Read more ›

Gravatar – What It Is and Why You Should Have One

Gravatar Setup Screen

If you own a website or ever comment on one, you’re probably familiar with some of the symbols associated with a “default” account.  Sometimes you’ll see a blank space where a picture should be and other times you’ll see the “mystery man” or even the “blue gravatar” default image.  If you’ve ever commented on a blog post, and seen one of these symbols next to your comment, you might have wondered how others were able to get a picture next to their name and comment.  Depending on the blog, user images are generated in different ways, but there is one setup that will probably feed your image to most of your favorite blogs — Gravatar. Read more ›

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